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Title: Ssues Surrounding Self-Contained Classroom In Primary Schools In Ethiopia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Ayalew Shibeshi, (Ato )
Fekadu, Cherinet
Keywords: self-contained classroom.
Issue Date: Jun-2001
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: . As the current schools practice show, lower primary level (grade 1-4) is organized in the form of self-contained classroom. This classroom setting has now become an issue of debate and discussion among those teachers of primary schools. Thus, the main purpose of this study is to investigate the issues surrounding self-contained classroom in primary schools in Ethiopia. /n order to achieve the purpose of the study, basic questions were raised regarding the attitude of primary school principals, teachers and students towards self-contained classroom, and the problems encountered during the imp/ementation of this setup. The study was carried out in 24 primary schools in Ethiopia. The sources of infomvation were 8 woreda education office experts, 40 primary schools principals and assistant principals, and 334 teachers who were engaged in teaching self- contained classrooms and 190 students of grade 4. The instruments used to gather infomvation for the study were questionnaires, inten/iews, and observation. The data obtained were analyzed through percentages, t-test and rank order. Based on the analysis made the following major flndings were obtained. The inadequate training and lack of experience to maintain and manage the classroom on the part of teachers, lack of competence and interest to teach all subjects, the absence of substitute and skilled teachers for non-academic subjects, large class-size and the inadequate/y equipped classrooms with materials and facilities were found to be the major problems for the self-contained classroom not to become effective. Based on the findings obtained, the following recommendations are made. Províde adequate training to teachers, assign substitute and skilled teachers, reasonable class sizes so that teachers can manage students properly, provide educative and attractive classrooms and facilities and adequate teaching materials are prerequisites that should be rigorously met. If these pre-conditions are not fulfllled, it is hardly possible to attain the desired objective in self-contained classroom.
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