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Title: The Ilnplclncntation of Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning at Misrak Technical-Vocational Education and Training College
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: . Wossenu Yimam (Dr)
Girma, Gutema
Keywords: Vocational Education and Training College.
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to assess the implementation of Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning at Misread Technical- Vocational Education and Training College. In order to meet the objectives of the study, a survey design employed. From the total population of l42 teachers and 698 students (level 1-V of second and third year o/2004 E.C entry only), 85 (60%) teachers and 220 (60%) students selected using stratified sampling g technique this study. From 6 department heads, 4 department heads, 4 section heads and the vice dean of the college selected purposefully due to the number of the occupalional title they contain under their categories. Questionnaires and interview used for collecting data. The questionnaires piloted and checkedfor their reliahility (Cronbach 's Alpha 0.892). Documents were also analyzed to supplement the data. The data obtained through the questíonnaires analyzed using jrequency, percentages. mean, standard deviations, and t-tests. Cohen 's d guidelines for determining the eflect size measure used to make the analysis clear. 77ie information obtained through open-ended questions and the inteiviews were qualitatively analyzed to supplement the quantitative data. Thefindings revealed the level of teachers' and students' understanding of OBTL is very low. So, it is diflicult to determine how the teachers accommodate premises and principles of OB TL in their class room practices. Furthermore, the issue of unsuccessful student 's certtfication and competent on the basis of achieving intended exit graduate outcomes during the Occupational competency assessment resulted from different problems. As the studv finding revealed, _/rom Students/trainees themselves, Trainers/teachers, Materials, Managements, lndustiy, and Assessor need the attention. ln addition to these. low understanding of OBTL and praetíces, Teaching and learning activities, delivery systems. effectiveness of teaching practice. aligned curriculum to students desired outcomes changing in short time, assessment lask, lack of good leadership of the college, insuflicient of truiningg/acility and availability ofresource are the core problems _/or students success and implementalion of OBTL .ln order to achieve the required knowledge, skills, attitude and demonstrate the intended outcomes during the Occupational competency assessment and at Workplace, the trainers need to focus on how well learners achieve the intended learning outcomes(ILO). Teaching and learning ac:tivit\'(TL/1) to stimulate. encourage or facilitates the ILO, An Assessment Task (A T) and the alignment o/'model curriculum they use.
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