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Title: A Study On Educational Material And Equipment Management: The Case Of Addis Ababa City Administration Governement Tvet Institutions
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Wana Leka (Dr)
Dereje, Mekonnen
Keywords: management of educational material
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Past studies about management of educational material resources found that there was dwerent improper utilization and handling of the material resources. Such improper implementation of material management function can lead to resource wastage. The present study is aimed at investigating the status of the material resource management in TVET institutions of Addis Ababa and making recommendations for improvement. In order to achieve the purpose of this study, basic questions were raised regarding the current implementation of material resources management functions, the availability of guideline, manpower both in quality and quantity and other similar specific issues like the professional training, experience and commitment of administrative and teaching staff members. In the study. out of the ten Addis Ababa government owned TVE T institutions all TVE T Colleges and two Middle level TVE T institutions were considered. Opinions, comments and suggestions were gathered from trainers and administrative staff through questionnaires. The study has employed descriptive survey method. Data were gathered from 101 teaching and 29 administrative stafi" members. In addition, two Deans/Principals and two concerned city education bureau ofiicials were interviewed. The data obtained from questionnaires wear analyzed by using statistical tools like, Percentage, Mean, Chi-square, t-test, one ~ way ANO VA, and Spearman Rank correlation. Some of the major findings include: The capacity of theTVET institutions on material resource management is insuflicient conditions. The participation of administrative and teaching stafi” in planning was low. The purchasing system, distribution process, storage management, inventory, control and disposal of unused materials have not been properly implemented. Most of the administrative vice deans/principals and other supportive stafls did not have the necessary professional training and experience on their position and leadership role. Moreover, misused and destroyed material resources in the training workshops were high. From the finding it is concluded that in most cases, the implementation of proper material resource management function was in problem as it lacked effective implementation. To solve this, motivating, encouraging the administrative body and teaching stajfs of the TVET institutions is recommended. On top of this improving the administrative and teaching stafi" by the way of capacity building and the structure of the TVET institutions regarding supportive administrative stafi' members should be considered.
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