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Title: Computer Program for Comparative Study of the Analysis And Design of Prestressed Concrete Box Girder and Plate Girder Highway Bridges
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Abrham Gebre (PhD)
Seyfe, Nigussie
Keywords: Bridge;cost effective;cast in place post tensioned box girder;steel plate girder
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Planning and designing of bridges is part art and part compromise, the most significant aspect of structural engineering. One of the initial choices the designer should make is to select the most appropriate bridge type for the site. While this choice is not always straight forward, selecting the right structure type is probably the important phase of designing a cost-effective bridge. The various types are ideally suited for different span lengths. For instance, on different standards, for spans ten to fifty meters cast in Place Post Tension Box Girder Bridges are usually chosen where as for spans ten to one hundred twenty meters Steel Plate Girder Bridge is preferred to be used respectively. This study focused on developing computer program for the analysis and design of Cast in Place Post Tension Box Girder and Steel Plate Girder Bridges, for solving the design problem of economical span and demarking on the base of cost analysis. A comparative study based on cost of materials is conducted to select and identify the economical span range of Cast in Place Post Tension Box Girder and Steel Plate Girder Bridges. The program is developed using visual Studio 2012. The developed program is illustrated using particular examples for both types of bridges. The study has come with solution based on the current construction prices. As per the study based on the current material cost seventy-meter span is the demarcation span for the two types of bridges. Within the overlap span length of the two bridges, Cast in Place Post Tensioned Box Girder Bridge is economical up to seventy-meter and beyond seventy-meter Steel Plate Girder Bride be economical.
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