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Title: Analyze the Effect of Uncontrolled Braking Force on Brake Disc Due To Service Braking
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Tsegaye Feleke (Mr.)
Abrham Assefa
Keywords: Uncontrolled Braking;Brake Disc;Service Braking
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: There are many reasons for affecting of the freight train disc properties. The braking system failures takes lion’s share of to affect the brake disc in operation. Under normal condition the disc should have enough thermal capacity so that they can handle the heat developed by friction during normal braking action. However, in any braking components failures the braking force will be uncontrolled. Therefore, this thesis deals with the effects of uncontrolled braking force on thermomechanical propertied of discs. Particularly this paper emphasis on the effect of uncontrolled brake force on brake disc which is created due to overcharging and losses of air in braking components. The purpose of the study is to show, how the brake disk is affected its performance (thermomechanical properties) due to uncontrolled brake force. At the end, this thesis helps to give a true picture to Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC) about pri maintenance on the braking components before any operation. Since any failures of braking system has effects on braking action and it has a consequences on disc performance. In the analysis a three dimension finite element model of the brake disc is used to investigate the effects of uncontrolled braking force due to service braking. The specimens are modeled by CATIA V5 R19 and analysis is done by ANSYS 12 and by imposing the uncontrolled forces. The findings of this analysis will observed from ANSIS solution and give conclusion based on the design standards and finally ended with recommendation.
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