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Title: Water Quality Modeling Of Water Supply Distribution System (The Case of Alalbada-Erba Multi-Village Water Supply Scheme)
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Agizew Nigussie (PhD)
Asfaw, Diro
Keywords: Water distribution system;modeling;Hydraulic performance;Water quality;Maximum pressure;Minimum pressure;Water age;Residual chlorine;Alalbada-Erba;Ethiopia
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Water distribution systems are designed to fulfill all requirements of potable water needed for intended purposes. Initial system designs frequently consider any anticipated changes likely to happen. However, as time elapsed they slowly begin to fail to satisfy customers’ requirements, both in quantity and quality. The main issue is to identify factors which bring those changes and propose viable solutions to improve the situation. To this effect modeling water supply distribution network system is very helpful. In this study, Alalbada-Erba multi-village Water distribution system was assessed as a case study. EPANET software was used as tool to model water distribution system. The modeling effort included both hydraulic and water quality modeling. Simulation results for maximum and minimum pressures were used as base to evaluate the hydraulic performance and simulation result for water age and minimum residual chlorine were used as base to assess water quality transformation in the distribution system. Modeling results showed violation of maximum and minimum pressure requirements. Along with this, water quality simulation results indicated water quality decline due to insufficient residual chlorine which is below WHO guideline. To retrieve the situation there is a need to intervene. Modifications in operation and design will improve the current situation of the case study of water distribution system.
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