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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2001Analysis of T Cell Subsets in HIV-1 - Infected and Uninfected Ethiopians on the Basis of Various Differentiation and Activation Markers in the Context of Intestinal Parasitic InfectionsDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Dawit Wolday; Kassu, Afework
4-Sep-2006Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Diversity of Coffee and Shade Trees of Bonga Forest, South Western EthiopiaDr. Fassil Assefa; Tadesse, Chanie
4-Sep-2007Symbiotic and Phenotypic Diversity of Rhizobium leguminosarum Var Viceae Isolates (Vicia faba) from Northern Gondar, EthiopiaDr. Fassil Assefa; Zerihun, Belay
Mar-2000Species Composition of Sulfur Oxidizing and Denitrifying Bacteria from the Tannery Wastewater Treatment Plant, Modjo, EthiopiaDr. Fassil Assefa; Bekele, Sissay
31-Aug-2007Pattern of Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixing Performance of Introduced Forage Legumes in Some Parts of North Gondar, EthiopiaDr. Fassil Assefa; Fekadu, Shimekite
Jun-2004Assessment of HIV-I Transmission Risk from Blood Donors Screened Negative for HIV-I Antibody/Antigen by use of HIV-I DNA PCRDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Dawit Wolday; Mekonen, Teferi
25-Sep-2007Isolation, Identification of Fusarium Xylarioides (Gibberella Xylarioides) from Southern Ethiopia and its Response to Fungal Biocontrol AgentsDr. Tesfaye Alemu; Negash, Hailu
Jun-2006Symbiotic and Phenotypic Characterization of Common Bean ( Phaseolus Vulgaris)- Nodulating Rhizobia from Some Areas of Southern Ethiopia .Dr. Fassil Assefa; Workalemahu, Alemayehu
Jan-2001Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria from Free Ranging Sheep and Goats Tolerant to Toxic Compound(S) in Acacia Angustissima LeavesDr. A. A. Odenyo; Kebede, Misrak
Jun-2004Molecuar Analysis of Peroxidoxin Genes from Leishmania AethiopicaProf. Lashitew Gedamu; Jirata, Dagim