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Title: Improving Stormwater Management Capacity of Cobblestone Paved Local Streets through Green Infrastructure Design and Technologies (The Case of Resedential District in the Eastern and North Eastern Part of Addis Ababa
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Alazar Assefa
Fikreselam, G/wahed
Keywords: Green infrastructure practices on Watershedlevel using GIS platform
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2016
Publisher: Addis Ababa University,EiABC
Abstract: Addis Ababa is currently undergoing city wide transformation with respect to its built environment and provision of basic infrastructure services. Local street construction with cobblestone pavement is one of the infrastructure development implemented in every part of the city. However, the constructed local streets in many parts of the city are deteriorating within a short time after construction. Therefore, the main objective of the study is; to device green infrastructure design and technologies for the local streets of Addis Ababa in order to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff and at the same time to enhance environmental quality of the city neighborhood. In order to accomplish the objective, research methods were developed for each specific objective. Case study method is then used in the research, by selecting two areas in Addis Ababa that are found in the same local watershed, based on appropriate criteria. Consequently, the existing situation of local streets and impact of stormwater runoff in the study areas is analyzed. Based on the research findings, the research proposes site specific green street design and technologies for the local streets of the study area. Moreover, the research tested and illustrated the upscale effect of green infrastructure practices on watershed level using Arc GIS platform.
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