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Title: ‘Abay through Written Literature of Ethiopia: A Focus on Ethiopic Ecclesiastical Sources [Analysis, Translation and Commentary]
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. MERSHA ALEHEGNE
Keywords: Ethiopian scholars, for example (Teferi , 2004:6), (Yaekob 2007:21 ), (Yäwlsew, 2012:10 )
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Ethiopian scholars, for example (Teferi , 2004:6), (Yaekob 2007:21 ), (Yäwlsew, 2012:10 ) ,and others did different researches related with ‘Abay. All of their research was connected with ‘Abay. However, they were not focused on the issue of ‘Abay as it is expounded in the popular imagination of Ethiopia in general and the country’s ecclesiastical culture and knowledge in particular. The principal objective of the thesis is to bring light on how the River has long been documented and interpreted in the textual culture of the Ethiopian Orthodox Täwahǝdo Church. To do this, the researcher collects different excerpts from different Manuscripts which deal on Abay and analysis them from the point of view of religious, political, social, economic, and geographical approaches. In order to accomplish the above work, this work is designed to have five chapters: the first chapter deals with introductory issues; the second and third chapters will contain description of the manuscripts investigated and the analysis of the excerpts with annotated translation respectively. The last chapter concludes the paper, by summarizing the evidences. Finally the research came up with the following findings; First Ethiopian orthodox Täwahǝdo Church Manuscripts are the primary informants about ‘Abay River, So researchers better to communicate with those manuscripts on ‘Abay issue. And the Church make open to discuss and teach her followers about, How Abay penetrate in Ethiopian Orthodox Täwahǝdo Church Commentary. The main finding of the study is the strong relation of Abay River, with Ethiopian religion, political, social, Economic, and Geographical situation is already described.
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