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Epidemiology (11)
Ethiopian Field Epidemiology Training Program (EFETP) (8)
Compiled Body of Works in Field Epidemiology (4)
Family Planning (4)
Pregnancy (4)
The Ethiopia Field Epidemiology Training Program (EFETP) (4)
Family planning (3)
Knowledge, Attitude (3)
Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in Currently Changed (2)
Assessment of Exposure to Sexually Explicit Materials (2)
Assessment of Health Care Seeking Behavior at Household Level (2)
Assessment of Knowledge and Utilization (2)
Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude (2)
Assessment of the Magnitude (2)
Assessment of Utilization of Health Information System (2)
Breast Cancer (2)
Cervical cancer (2)
Community acquired Pneumonia, Magnitude, Risk factors, Cost, Adults, Ethiopia (2)
Ethiopia Field Epidemiology Training Program (EFETP) (2)
HIV (2)
illness, sickness, traditional medicine, household, Kebele. (2)
Intimate partner violence, pregnancy, preterm birth, Amhara region, Ethiopia (2)
Lumbar puncture (2)
Malnutrition (2)
Maternal Death (2)
Measles (2)
Public Health (2)
Reducing maternal deaths (2)
Refugee women, desired and current fertility level, Proximate and distal determinants of fertility, Children ever born, socialization, disruptive, adaptation (2)
Reproductive Health Needs of Urban (2)
Risky Sexual Behavior (2)
Screening Mammography, Breast cancer (BC), Awareness, Tikur Ambessa Specialized Hospital, Mammography, Women, Awareness (2)
Semi quantitative FFQ (2)
Sexual Behavior (2)
undergraduate students ,reproductive health services (2)
Unintended Pregnancy (2)
Unintended pregnancy (2)
VCT (2)
! ! ! (1)
2 -59 months old children, Pneumonia, cross sectional, Under five (1)
: Meningitis, outbreak, Ethiopia (1)
A community Based Randomized Trial (1)
A Community Based Study of Health Related (1)
A community based Survey of high- risk Pregnancies (1)
A community-Based study of Injury (1)
A cross-sectional survey of onchocerciasis (1)
A Randomized Community Trial of Three Alternative (1)
A Single 24 hour Recall is inaccurate in Assessing Exclusive (1)
Abortion (1)
Abortion Care service delivery (1)
Abortion,morbidity and mortality (1)
Absenteeism due menstruation related health problems and Sexuality (1)
Abuse, Partner, Physical Violence, Culture (1)
Acceptance of Index Case HIV Testing and Counseling among HIV Patients under Ossa Care (1)
acceptance, HIV testing, pregnant women, antenatal care (1)
Accessibility (1)
Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) (1)
Acute Coronary Syndrome, Outcome, In-Hospital Mortality (1)
Acute diarrheal diseases (1)
Acute Watery Diarrhea, Ethiopia, Goro district. Words: 329 (1)
Addressing family planning (1)
Admission hypothermia, Neonatal death, Survival, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (1)
Adolescent ,Anemia ,Body mass index (1)
adolescent students,risky sexual behaviorPreparatory School (1)
Adolescent, sexuality, risk perception, condom use (1)
Adolescents, living Arrangements, parental attachment, sexual risk behaviors psychosocial problems, Ethiopia (1)
Adolescents’ contraceptive use (1)
Adwa Hospital, governance, operational standards (1)
aflatoxin M1, cross-sectional study, ELISA, stunting (1)
Age at first Sexual Debut and Condom Use among in School youth (1)
Age at menarche (1)
Agreement and Concordance Regarding Fertility Intention (1)
Alcohol, Pregnancy, Associated factors, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (1)
An Assessment of Premarital Sexual Practice (1)
An assessment of the Oral Health Status of Primary School (1)
ANC (1)
Anemia remain (1)
Anemia,obesity (1)
Antenatal care (1)
Anti-Retroviral Therapy (1)
Antimalarial activity, Plasmodium berghei, Olea europaea (1)
Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence (1)
Are Adolescents of Damot Gale district getting adequate (1)
ART Adherence, HIV positive, mentally ill (1)
ARV prophylaxis (1)
Assement of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Emergency (1)
Asseseement of HIV/Aids Related risks (1)
Assesement of the Effects of Ethiopian orthodox Christians (1)
Assesing the Association Between Infant Formula Promoion (1)
Assesment of Factores Affecting Safe Delivery (1)
Assesment of Knowledge about Cervical Cancer (1)
Assesment of Predictors of Survival in Patients (1)
Assesment of the Magnitude and Determinants of Utilization (1)
Assesment of the Magnitude of Valid dose of Child Vaccination (1)
Assess and improve the low bed occupancy rate (1)
Assessement of Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness (1)
Assessement of Intention and Practice of VCT (1)
Assessement of Parental Influence on Pediatrics Highly (1)

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