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Title: Distribution of Grazing Ungulates in Relation to Water Holes, its Consequence on Soil and Vegetation in the Serengeti Plains, Tanzania
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Prof. M. Balakrishnan
Prof. Afework Bekele
Boay, Martina
Keywords: Abundance;burnt areas;distribution of grazing ungulates;Serengeti plains;water holes
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The distribution and abundance of grazers in relation to the water holes in the Serengeti plains were studied. Ten species of grazing ungulates were recorded in the area. Using direct and indirect count methods, high abundance of animals was found in zone 1 (areas around water holes). During the dry season, high abundance of ThomsonĀ“s gazelle was recorded in burnt areas away from the water hole. In unburnt area, they were abundant closer to the water holes. Total grass cover (percentage), species diversity and grass height were significantly lower in areas around the water holes compared to areas away from the water holes. Grazing was more intense in areas around water holes compared to areas farther. Among soil texture types, only clay fraction shows significant difference among the three zones compared. The percentage of clay in areas near the water hole was high compared to areas away. Soil organic matter, total nitrogen and potassium were significantly lower in areas closer to the water holes, whereas, ammonium, electrical conductivity and pH were significantly higher in areas close to the water holes and decrease with increased distances from the water holes. Most of the smaller grazing ungulates were abundant in burnt areas and in areas with short grasses. The study concluded that the distance from the water hole, fire and rainfall influenced the distribution and abundance of grazing ungulates. Further study should be conducted which can include the long rainy season so as to find out seasonal effects.
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