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Title: Wildlife Density, Distribution and Abundance with Emphasis on Cheetah Prey in Machakos and Makueni Districts, Kenya
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Prof. Afework Bekele
Musya, Cosmas
Keywords: Abundance;Conservation;Settlements, Wildlife;Density;Protected Area;Seasonal Variation
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Publisher: Addis Ababa Universality
Abstract: More than half of Kenya’s wildlife is found outside protected areas. However, its continued existence in these areas is threatened by changes in land-use patterns. The present study investigated wildlife density, distribution, abundance, and factors influencing settlements in ranches that have been partially sub-divided, completely subdivided and the ones that have not undergone any sub-division in Machakos and Makueni districts, Kenya. Data on density and abundance by day and night was collected over a six month period in two seasons by means of transect counts, covering a distance of 1182 kilometers and analysed using DISTANCE software programme. Data on settlements was obtained by digitizing survey plans for four farms in ArcView 3.2 programme revealing 5456 smallholder plots of land ranging from 2 to 30 acres. Distribution of wildlife species was also obtained by means of the same programme. In total, 32 wild animal species were recorded in the study area, out of which eight were categorised as preferred cheetah prey. The results show that settlements in the subdivided parts of the study area are influenced by the availability of water and transport infrastructure. Wildlife density was lowest in the partially sub-divided ranches and highest in the unsubdivided ones. Although density varied significantly between day and night, there was no seasonal variation. The total sub-division of two ranches and continued settlements will have an effect on the wildlife as farming and settlement take place. It is suggested that monitoring of wildlife and settlement patterns be continued and strategies developed to encourage wildlife conservation.
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