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Title: Evaluation of the Amharic version of the Diagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescents (DICA~R) in Addis Ababa.
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Derege Kebede and Dr. Minilk Desta
Megerssa Kebede, M.D
Keywords: Evaluation of Amharic Revised Version of Diagnostic
Issue Date: 22-Dec-1997
Publisher: AAU,1997
Abstract: The acceptability, reliability and feasibility of Amharic version of the Revised Diagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescent (DICA-R) was evaluated in Addis Ababa city by clinician, lay interviewers and respondents from different setting. A total of 265 respondents included in the age of 6- 18 years from the community, Amanuel psychiatric Hospital (inpatient and outpatient) and schools (mentally disordered children) were interviewed between 25 June to 28 July,1997. Of the 255 respondents who completed an interview by a clinician and lay interviewers 189 respondents had one or more diagnoses, while 66 had no diagnoses. The clinician and most of the lay interviewers and respondents judged the DICA-R as being acceptable and as feasible for use in different setting. The few concern expressed about the interview was the length of the interview and difficulties with few of the items. The most frequent life time and six months diagnoses by all interviewers were phobia, separation anxiety, overanxious, major depressive episode, conduct disorders and enuresis. For any specific diagnoses made with the frequency of five or more time, percentage agreements were above 89% and the kappa values were ranged from 0.72 to 1. 00. The lowest kappa value was for dysthymic disorder, while the highest kappa value was for manic disorder. It is concluded that the Amharic version of DICA-R is reliable, acceptable and feasible for use. Similar studies using DICA-R in rural communities are recommended.
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