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Title: Magnitude of mental and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents, Butajira, south Ethiopia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Derege Kebede
Yihalem Ashenaffi, MD
Keywords: Magnitude of mental and behavioral disorders
Issue Date: 30-Dec-1998
Publisher: AAU,1998
Abstract: In order to explore the magnitude of specific mental and behavioural disorders and their socio-demographic correlates in children, a study was conducted in Butajira, Southern Ethiopia, using the Amharic version of the Diagnostic Instrument for Children and Adolescents (DICA). A total of 1477 children were assessed; 3.5 % of the study subjects had at least one or more mental or behavioural disorders. The most frequent diagnoses were anxiety disorder ( 1.6%), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ( 1.5%); and disruptive behavioural disorder ( 1.5% ). Mood disorders (1 % ) and elimination disorders (0.8%) were relatively less common. Residence in urban area was associated with ADHD:OR(95 % CI)= 3.03 (1.11-8.04).ADHD was also associated with increasing age, having a single parent, or a chronically sick family member: OR (95 % CI)= 3.32 (1.15-10.33), 4.63(1.25-17.31), 5.56(2.16-14.16), respectively. Disruptive behavioural disorders were significantly associated with increasing age, parents not living together, severe financial problem and with the presence of chronically sick family member OR (95 % CI) =4.41(1.40-15.45),4.63(1.05-17.31),2.77(1.05,7.12), and 8.15 (3.23,20.56), respectively. Living in a house with more than one room was also significantly but inversely, associated with anxiety disorder: OR(95%CI)=0.39 (0.16,0.95). Mood disorders were associated with the presence of parents not living together, financial problem and chronically sick family member: OR (95 % CI)= 4.44 (1.00,18.57), 5.57 (1.82,17.20), and 12.12(3.89,38.84), respectively. Enuresis was found to have no statistically significant association with any of the variables mentioned. Specific mental and behavioural disorders in children were found significant public health problems.
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