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Title: Health and Socio-cultural problems of women in rural Butajira
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Yegomawork Gossaye Gizaw.RN, BSc
Keywords: Health and Socio-cultural problems of women
Issue Date: 30-Dec-1998
Publisher: AAU,1998
Abstract: Studies on the social and cultural problems affecting the health of women is rare in Ethiopia. This study illustrates influencing the common the health of socio-cultural problems women and the women's perception towards health and illness in rural Butajira. Qualitative and quantitative develop the data collection methods were employed to instrument and actual collection of data, respectively. A total of 675 randomly selected rural women participated in the study. Over 94 percent of women are illiterate and only 8.7 percent of girls are sent to school. The mean working hour for rural women in Butajira is 15 hours. Very hig~ proportion (96.6%) women are victims of FGM. The decision making power of women at a house hold level is low. Women have almost no access to information, about 88 percent of them never listened to the radio for the last six months. About 97 percent of women reported t hat; they are suffering from some kind of infectious,---obstetrics or mental illness at the time of the survey. Punishment from God, lack of nutritious food, exposure to cold, evil eye and evil spirit possession were the major perceived causes of illness. The participants mostly use herbal medication during sickness or buy drugs with out consulting health workers in response to illnesses. They give high regard to traditional healers, witchcraft and
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