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Advisors: Dr Abdulhamid Bedari Kello
Copyright: 2004
Date Added: 21-Apr-2008
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This study is aimed at determining and comparing the cost incurred in treating HIV/AIDS and non-HIV/AIDS patients and the impact on health institutions. Three hospitals in Addis Ababa namely Tikur Anbessa, St. Paul’s and Zewditu were included in this study. Essential data were extracted by assessing patient cards and Administrative records retrospectively and filled in a format developed for the purpose of this study. The extracted data were entered and analyzed in SPSS statistical package. The costs per inpatient day, per inpatient stay and outpatient visits were estimated by using the service and unit cost approaches. The hospital costs of 453 patients (293 HIV positive, 160 HIV negative) were analyzed the mean length of stay of HIV/AIDS patients were 19 days and outpatient visits were 4 days. The HIV/AIDS patient service charges paid to the hospital (service cost) per admission were on average Birr 1,134 (US $ 132)* and per outpatient visits were Birr 585.41 (US $ 68) moreover these inpatient and outpatient public services valued using private hospitals service prices the cost was Birr 4,614 (US $ 539) and Birr 1072 (US $ 125) respectively. Whereas the unit cost of HIV/AIDS patients per admission were Birr 2,727.51 (US $ 318) and Birr 629.88 (US $ 74) per outpatient visits. There was no significance difference in cost of treatment, average length of stay and outpatient visits between HIV positive and negative patients. However at the outpatient level the unit cost of treating the HIV/AIDS patients is significantly greater than the non- HIV/AIDS patients. * 1US $ = 8.56 Birr. ix The similar cost patterns of the two patient groups examined in this study may reflect the fact that few therapeutic options, limited and non-specific basic health services are being provided to both groups of patients. Therefore information on costs of the treatment and care of AIDS patients in health facilities is necessary in order to have an idea of the likely costs of the increasing number of AIDS patients and to plan for their management and treatment effectively.
Description: A Thesis submitted to the school of graduate studies of Addis Ababa University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Regional and Local Development Studies (RLDS)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/799
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