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Title: The conservation status of Pterocarpus angolensis D.C in Nguru ya Ndege Forest Reserve, Morogoro-Tanzania
Authors: Robert, Modest
Date Added: 3-Sep-2007
Abstract: A study was carried out in Nguru ya Ndege Forest Reserve, Morogoro- Tanzania. Simple random sampling method was applied in sampling of the vegetations. Objectives of this study were to determine the spatial distribution and population structure of P. angolensis in Nguru ya Ndege Forest Reserve, and to assess the density and the extent of exploitation of P. angolensis in Nguru ya Ndege Forest Reserve. A total of 102 woody species were recorded during the study falling in 71 genera and 30 families. The results showed that; the population density of P. angolensis in Nguru ya Ndege Forest Reserve was 19 stems/ha for individuals with DBH  4 cm. The plot of DBH class distribution showed a characteristic inverted J shape for P. angolensis, although the trend seemed interrupted. From the generated ArcView map it was observed that the distribution of P. angolensis in Nguru ya Ndege Forest Reserve was not even as quadrats into which the species was recorded seemed concentrated more in the higher altitudes of the reserve than lower plains. It was also found that, mature individuals of P. angolensis in Nguru ya Ndege Forest Reserve are being selectively removed for timber sawing. This study concluded that, the store of P. angolensis in Nguru ya Ndege Forest Reserve is still promising, and its population structure might show a normal trend in future if the forest is put in a well-managed regime. This study recommended among others, to transplant seedlings of P. angolensis especially in the northern, western and southern parts in order to restore those denuded areas of the reserve.
Description: M.Sc. thesis submitted to the school of graduate studies, Addis Ababa University in the partial fulfilment of the requirements of the Degree - Dryland Biodiversity
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/55
Appears in:Thesis - Biology

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