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Advisors: Dr. Hailom Banteyerga
Copyright: May-2012
Date Added: 12-Dec-2012
Abstract: The cause for this study was observation of EFL teachers complaints on the impact of plasma technology for instructional purposes in Ethiopian government owned secondary schools. The overall aim of the study was, firstly to describe the current and emerging EFL teachers roles in classrooms using technology and make an enquiry in to the extent to which knowledge is enhanced by these roles, and secondly, examine the overall perceptions of EFL teachers about the use of the plasma technology. In order to attain these research objectives, both qualitative and quantitative data collecting methods were employed, namely: observation, conversation, document analysis and questionnaires. The research was mainly conducted in four secondary schools and involved twenty five English teachers, and the Directors of the four schools. The study for EFL teachers in classrooms using plasma identified three major roles, namely: designing the learning environment, managing people and resources and mediating student learning. A fourth role improving practice, captures the work place learning that is recognized but not implemented by all teachers in this study. The findings showed that teachers were not able to perform all roles effectively due to factors such as lack of sufficient time, lack of conducive working environment, teachers lack of competence in the language itself. A fundamental finding is that in improving their practice, teachers are attempting to cover all the three roles, and constantly felt that time was against them. Moreover, cultural reluctance to criticize others is said to be another challenge. The study has also indicated EFL teachers roles that developed and those declined or disappeared due to plasma. The conclusion is that that in improving their practice and accomplishing their roles, teachers are moving toward a decoupling of the three roles so that different people could design learning environments, manage people and resources, or mediate learning. Further research would test the generalizability to other subjects.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4299
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