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Title: Community Based Ecotourism in Tigray: The Case of Aksum
Authors: Yemane, Berhe G/Libanos
Advisors: Mulugeta Fiseha
Keywords: Development Studies, Tourism
Copyright: Jun-2011
Date Added: 11-Dec-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The main objective of this study has been to explore the potentials for ecotourism and understand how ecotourism can serve as a livelihood option in Aksum district; Tigray province of northern Ethiopia, This study also assesses community perception in tourism and/or CBE. Community perception in a given tourism project influences the level of tourism development in Aksum. If communities have positive attitude towards a given ecotourism project, the chance of sustainability becomes high. The issue of community participation and empowerment is also assessed. CBE is conducted in community owned lands were local participation plays significant roles of success. Participation in this context means involving the community as a collective group in a given CBE and/or tourism projects. There are also many issues that can determine the level of community participation. One of it is empowerment. Empowerment is considered as one mechanisms of participating Aksum’s community in a given CBE and/tourism projects
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4284
Appears in:Thesis - Eniviroment & Development

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