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Title: The Problems of Water Supply in Asosa Woreda
Advisors: Yohannis Aberra(Dr)
Keywords: Benishangul
Gumuz Regional
Copyright: Jun-2010
Date Added: 10-Dec-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Water is one of the basic necessities for survival and socio-economic development, and access to safe water and adequate sanitation is a universal need and basic human right. The lacks of access to improve drinking water still a serious problem in many Asia and African countries. However, it is lacking in most of rural areas of Asosa woreda in general and the two study kebeles in particular. In addition to limited provision of this basic service in the study area, significant numbers of water supply schemes that contribute for service coverage are also poorly managed; provide service with problems and others mal-functioning at any time. So, the study has tried to find solution for rural water supply to continued services for long. In order to obtain the required information, that the objective of the study, sampling techniques were employed. In carrying out the study, the researcher selected 70 HH beneficiaries. Data obtained from HH survey were mainly analyzed quantitatively while information from FGDs, KII, and observation were analyzed qualitatively to supplement data from HH survey. As far as the findings, the survey results found that the lack of proper managing or functionality of the schemes or lack of protected springs have been major problems and for seeable bottlenecks in the study area and the majority of communities in the study area which 86% depend on unsafe water sources and covering these large segments of the community in the short period of time and in foreseeable future could be a challenge. So, the community should be given awareness and get supported on safe use of unprotected water sources such as boiling, before use and through provision of chemical disinfectants so that they are rescued from water-born and water-related health problems. Besides, cleaning and clearing of unprotected water sources to minimize the infestation of microbes and other micro-organisms are also important. In addition, most of the schemes are also found poorly managed poor quality and provide services with problems. The survey results revealed that schemes are managed by communities through water committees who are responsible is given or managed by.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4254
Appears in:Thesis - Environmental Engineering

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