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Title: Appraisal of the Relevance of the Senior Secondary School (9-12) Mathematics textbooks to the objectives of the level.
Authors: Zerihun, lemma
Advisors: professor Alemayehu Haile
Copyright: Jun-1991
Date Added: 28-Nov-2012
Abstract: Education is an intentional activity and schools are purposive institutions. In order to meet their purposes schools need curricula to be planned and developed, teachers to be trained, textbooks and other materials to be produced. To attain the end results desired by schools textbooks need to be prepared and selected or adapted. Subsequentl~ a thorough and continuous appraisal of the relevance of the texts to those ends is desir~ble. This fact is one that has attracted many institutions' and person!' attention in several places. The major objective of this study, therefore, is to investigate the relationship between the senior secondary school objectives of mathematics, and the content; as well as learning experiences provided in the textbooks of the level. In so doing, attempts were made to gather information from the curriculum and the textbooks, from professionals working in the Institute for Curriculum Development and Research, and from teachers as well as students who are currently involved in teaching and learning mathematics in the senior secondary schools. These information were obtained through scorecards, questionnaires and interviews from the data sources mentioned. Results hardly suggest that the substantive elements of the textbooks are relevant to the attainments of the desired objectives of the level. Content and the suggested learning experiences selected for the textbooks failed to meet criteria of relevance and the objectives are found to be vague and abmiguous. In the light of the problems envisaged, it seems extremely important that the desired ends in view should de~ermine or guide efforts, whenever an institution plans to prepare ~nd select or adapt the corresponding textbooks. Moreover, substantive elements of the textbooks need be prepared and objectives need be stated by paying due attention to standard requirements. Since change and improvement related to textbooks is a continuous area of study, preparation or adaptation of textbooks must be done being based on researches rather than hasty and unfounded prescription.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4127
Appears in:Thesis - Curriculum & Instruction

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