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Title: Livelihood Strategies of Small Holders with Particular Focus on Model
Advisors: Getnent Alemu (PhD)
Copyright: Apr-2010
Date Added: 28-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: This thesis concerns to explore model farmers’ livelihood strategies at Lemo Woreda, which is based on socio-economic and demographic feature of model farmers. The study was based on mixed quantitative and qualitative methods. In quantitative method descriptive statistics was employed. The major income generating activities such as on-farm and non-farm activities including their contributions to annual income earnings, and willingness of model farmers’ to expand their best practices are identified through adopted Sustainable Livelihood Analytic Framework approach. As the result, 62.84% income earned from on-farm and 37.16% from nonfarm. Of which on-farm activities: crop, livestock and horticultural production contributed to earn 68.99%, 12.82%, and 18.18% respectively, where as 37.60%, 16.06%, and 46.34% of total income earned from respective non-farm income sources of trade, renting of materials and animal power and remittances. Thus, model farmers’ livelihood is mainly based on crop production and remittances received from their relatives from abroad. Moreover, they used technological inputs more than other households in the study area; however, they are not much volunteers to expand their best practices. The research concluded that, scaling up of model farmer’s best practices requires ahead recognition about area specific productive income generating activities and identifying fruitful non-farm income sources based on farmers’ resources endowment. Furthermore, the research recommends further detail investigations to offer direction for policy formulation. i
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4094
Appears in:Thesis - Rural Livelihoods & Development

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