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Title: Micro-Hydropower Under Ethiopian Conditions
Authors: Zelalem, Hailu
Advisors: Dr. Solomon Alemu
Keywords: Micro-Hydropower
Copyright: Sep-1992
Date Added: 28-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: At present, there prevails a major incongruity in the mode of energy supply in Ethiopia. According to the status of 1992 electrical energy demand and supply balance, not more than half of the generated energy is taken-up by the existing urban consumption and industrial centers. The electrical energy excess arose from the industrial underdevelopment which has been characterstic of Ethiopia in recent years. But, the stated energy imbalance does not represent the rural areas where more than 80% of the Ethiopian population live and where in most cases no electrical energy is supplied. The thesis adresses the problem from the stated contradiction and recommends the decentralization of energy supply in general and the dessimination of micro-hydropower in particular. The numerous technical, socio-economical, and environmental advantages offered by decentral systems to developing countries make small schemes preferable to central supply systems inspite of the apparent effect of economies of scale which generally favour the latter. Improvement of the economics of decentral energy supply by integration to mUlti-objective schemes is suggested. The thesis looks into possibilities of fitting decentral hydropower to an already completed multi-purpose small-scale water resources study, in one region in Ethiopia, which seems to have overlooked this important objective. Ethiopia, commonly known as 'The Water Tower of East Africa' is relatively richly endowed with hydropower resources than neighboring countries in the region. However, local hydropower resources for isolated energy production are only slightly investigated with a very minimum level of utilization. The thesis compiles recent implementation efforts and reconnaissance level studies of decentral hydropower in Ethiopia. A full investigation of available local hydropower resources requires further research for which the thesis recommends appropriate study techniques with application to a few gauging stations in the country. Economic analysis of a micro-hydropower station with a conservative approach under Ethiopian conditions shows a fair degree of viability with reasonable amortization. Practical micro-hydro power implementations in the country indicate a rational level of profitability through the use of local labour and material.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4093
Appears in:Thesis - Civil Engineering

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