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Title: An Evaluation of the Design and Implementation of Grammar Practice Activities/ Exercises in Grade Nine
Authors: Tadele, Mammo
Advisors: Dr Alemu Hailu
Keywords: Design and Implementation of Grammar
Copyright: Jun-2009
Date Added: 27-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The main objective of this study was to investigate the extent to which the grammar practice activities/ exercises in grade nine English textbook (Revised edition, 2005) are designed and utilized in such a way that they meet the principles of communicative language teaching ( or the objectives of teaching English at grade nine). In other words, the purpose was to see the extent to which the grammar practice exercises are communicative or interactive. The study was particularly targeted at analyzing and evaluating the grammar practice activities/ exercises using the criteria: their relevance to the objectives of teaching English at grade nine, their suitability to students' interest and level, the emphasis given to the aspects of grammar (i.e. form, meaning and use), context, approaches (i.e. deductive or inductive), authenticity, the variety of the activities, their adequacy for practice and their grading. In addition, attention was given to the evaluation of the implementation (methodological procedures or options) of grammar practice activities! exercises in EFL classrooms particularly in three secondary schools of Addis Ababa city Administration. The required data for the study were gathered through the analysis of the grammar practice exercises in the textbook, questionnaires (teachers' and students') and classroom observations. To analyze and interpret the data, the researcher used both the qualitative and quantitative methods. The findings of this study generally indicate that almost all the teachers present a new grammar item deductively in decontextualized separate sentences; the vast majority of the grammar exercises in the textbook are form-focused, individual activities and do not occur in contexts; communicative and inductive grammar exercises are almost nonexistent. In addition, more than half of the students responded that the exercises are difficult and not interesting to them. Classroom observations also indicated that class time was dominated by teacher-fronted mode of teaching, while pair and group work activities were rarely used in most of the classes observed. Therefore, the students were not given the opportunity to interact among and between them. Due to this, it was generally concluded that the design and the implementation (or performance) of the grammar practice exercises are not in harmony with the insights gained from the theories and practices of the communicative language teaching (CLT). In other words, the grammar exercises are not found to be meaningful and communicative activities as it was claimed by the textbook writers. Finally, it is recommended that the Ministry of Education, textbook writers, teacher trainers and teachers should exert a maximum effort for designing communicative grammar tasks and for conducting workshops, seminars and other forms of training on the presentation and practice of a grammar point.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4064
Appears in:Thesis - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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