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Advisors: Dr. Gerard Despatie
Copyright: Jun-1987
Date Added: 27-Nov-2012
Abstract: Today in Ethiopia, there is a widely heard academic common talk, especially in the tertiary level of learning, about a great variation in the English language proficiency level of governmenu and mission secondary school graduatese The degree of this diffierence has not so far been assessed. The reserch desccibed in this paper attempted to examine whether or not there was a significant difference in the English language proficiency level of government and mission second~y school leavers, usin~ two very well reputed instruments. These instruments are the cloze procedure and the dictation, perhaps the most qualified integrative tests of language proficiency. Since constructing discrete-point proficiency tests is extremely difficult for ordinary classroom teachers, like the writer of this paper, unskilled in the technicalities of dev8loping such tests, these two integrative tests, which are considered to be perhaps equally valid and reliable to measure the language proficiency level of the learner, have been employed as best alternative devices for the purpose. 11.11 the possible necessary cautions essential in developing such tests, have been taken in order to determine the gra~3 level of the cloze and the dictation passages, the Fog Index, one of the formulas currently used for the purpose has been used and according to this formula all the cloze and the dictation passages have a difficulty level of grade 12. In addition to this the personal judgement of English language teachers in the Addis Ababa University, about their fitness, has been considered. They were validated against the Michign Test of English Language Proficiency Form-Bo The results showed that the cloze and the dictation tests used in this paper, correlated at .97. And in order to examine their relinbility the Kuder Richardson formula (Kr-21) has been adopted. This revealed a reliability coefficient of .95 for the cloze ~nd .96 for the dictation tests. The t-test technique was used to evaluate the differences in the Mean scores of each test, so as to assess the extent of the variations in the performance level of English between these two groups of student. The findings showed that there is a singificant difference between government and mission secondary school leavers at p .001 level of confidence. On the basis of these findings, it was recommended that selection for admission of students into the colleges and the universities has to be made on the basis of an English language proficiency test or College Entrance English Language ~xamination, on the basis of which placement of students into an appropriate program of English language learning could be mnde so that each group can learn at a pace commensurate nith its ability. An inquiry to make a thorough revien of the English curriculum of the lower levels has also been made. Further research on the subject has also been invited, so that a reliable solution to the problem can be found.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4003
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