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Title: The interaction of the socio-cultural background of students with their attainment in reading, in the communicative language teaching setting, at Dejazmach Geresu Duki Comprehesive Secondary School.
Authors: Hailu, Gutema
Advisors: Dr. Taddele Adamu
Keywords: communicative language
socio-cultural background
Copyright: May-1997
Date Added: 25-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The purpose of this paper was to assess the interaction of certain selected sociocultural variables with reading achievement. In order to do so, therefore, teaching materials were prepared and an experimental class was arranged for one hundred eighty students who were randomly selected from Dejazmach Geresu Duki Comprehensive Secondary School. The students were taught reading on the basis of the principles and practices of CLT in teaching reading. Questionnaires and tests, the measuring instruments, were administered. All intercorrelations between the criterion and predictor variables were evaluated at P<05 level of confidence. It was found out that father's occupation and a more favourable attitude towards native people and culture significantly interacted with attainment in reading whereas a nonsignificant association was observed with father's educational level and a more favourable attitude towards foreign people and culture and the criterion. A regression equation was also derived for the present sample. A multiple correlation of 0.32353 was found when the six predictor variables were combined. Coefficient of multiple determinations indicated that about 10.5 percent of the variation accounted for in the criterion was due to a weighted combination of these variables. The remaining three predictor variables had a contribution of about 5.5 percent. It was established that only 16 percent of the criterion variations was attributable to the relation of criterion to predictors. It was concluded that in screening for main sources of influence, the present study revealed no substantial relationship on the variables used either individually or in combination in predicting level of reading attainment. Finally, on the basis of the findings recommendations are given.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3985
Appears in:Thesis - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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