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Authors: Mekonnen, Hundei
Advisors: Dr. Gerard Despatie
Copyright: Jun-1984
Date Added: 24-Nov-2012
Abstract: This study is a critical evaluation of the vocabulary items found in the English for New Ethiopia (ENE) series that is used as text-books for teaching English in all Ethiopian senior High Schools~ Evaluation is required mainly to see how relevant the selected vocabulary is to the students at this level. This paper then evaluates (a) the size of vocabulary items selected; (b) the frequency level of the vocabulary items; Cc) the gradation and interaction of the items, and Cd) the codability of the selected words, which in particular deals with the content-concept of the vocabulary items in relation to the standard of the students.• The method of comparing and contrasting is applied to evaluate the relevance of the items. And the major material used for comparing the target vocabulary with the common Standard English Vocabulary is Thorndike and Lorge's standard frequency-list which was produced in 1944. Besides, other relevant references are also made use of as they are needed. Finally the result of the investigation has revealed that there are 1190 vocabulary items altogether, including expressional phrases, in the ENE series for grades 9 to 12. This indicates the size of the vocabulary to be too small for the four year study~ And only 49.41% of this total sum is found to have more than 20 times frequency of occurrence per million words in the use of Standard English. This means that the greater part of the selected items is difficult to learn. On the other hand gradation of the items is found to take uneven shape in some casesg For instance, more words are put in the lower grade ENE series than are found in the upper grade books. It was also discovered in this study that about 14% of the total sum of the target vocabulary items is composed of technical terms, most of them very difficult to learn for they are almost impractical for the daily life of the students. Generally, the result of this study has indicated -: certain short-comings of the target vocab~la7Y. And, hence certain constructive recommendations are given in the conclusion so that they might contribute to the reshaping of the vocabulary in such a way that it facilitates the learning of English as a second language in the Ethiopian senior High Schools.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3962
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