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Title: An Exploration of the Effectiveness of Assessment in Practicum with Reference to EFL Trainers and Mentors (Hossana College of Teacher Education in Focus)
Advisors: Dr Dejene Leta
Copyright: Jun-2009
Date Added: 24-Nov-2012
Abstract: In this study, an attempt was made to investigate the effectiveness of assessment in Practi~um at Hossana College of Teacher Education. To explore the issue, literature on practicum and assessment of student-teachers was profoundly reviewed and the survey of assessment condition ofmentors and tutors was also carr ..e.d out. Both the qualitative and quantitative research methods were applied in this study. Data were gathered from tutors, mentors and from Practicum Unit Coordinator through interviews. Questionnaire was also distributed to 3rd year English language student-teachers to obtain data. In order to get adequate information on the issue, except for mentors, all the subjects were selected by using availability sampling. Besides, the researcher collected data on the assessment .. ofstudent-teachers by their mentors and tutors through observation and document consultation. This helped the researcher to triangulate and to get sufficient data on the topic of the study. Traditionally. student-teachers ll'ere assessed by one supervisor who visits, observes, and gives grade at a time. Nevertheless, in the newly introduced practicunt, student-teachers are assessed by tutors and mentors. Unlike the traditional teaching practice, in practicum, student-teachers are supposed to be assessed and be given feedback continuously from the mentors and tutors on their performance and they have higher opportunity to practise, and, again, they have chance for reflections. However, as the literature shows, though practicum in general is by far the most widely accepted area, its assessment has not been given emphasis. The result of this study also indicated that assessment in practicum has some problems. These are associated with mentors' .. and tutors' workload, the number of student-teachers to be assessed, portfolio assessment, and assessment in practicum being a collaborative/joint activity. Based on the results of the study and conclusions drawn, the recommendations were forwarded to improve the effectiveness of assessment in practicum in the college under study
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3954
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