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Title: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of ~odern Vocabulary Teaching ~ethods and the Extent to which these arc Im~lamented in Freshman English Courses
Authors: Dessie, Berhane
Advisors: Dr. Gerard Despatie.
Copyright: Jun-1988
Date Added: 24-Nov-2012
Abstract: The purpose of this rGsearch is to evaluate the effectiveness of modern vocabulary teaching methods and the extent to which these are implemented in Freshman English Courses. For this purpose, the r2searchcr implemented these modern vocabulary teaching methods by conducting actual teaching for an Experimental group. There was also anoth~r group known as the controlled group where teaching was conducted following the methods that are curr~ntly in use in the t~achinq of Freshman English Courses. An attempt to find out if th2rc was a difference between the two groups was made by an administration of a pre-test which enabled the researcher to accept th~ hypothesis that the two groups have no statistically significant differences of background in their knowledge of vocabulary learning strateJi~s. T~enj a six-week teaching of a material of almost the sam~ content was conducted for both the groups. though the methods of teaching differed substantially, Subsequently, a post-test of the s~me nature was given both to the Experimental and Controlled groups Jt the same time. The results of the Post-Test of both groups were Cmpared and a m~an difference of a significant statistical v3lue WJS manifested. The mean of the Experimental group was much higher than the mean of the controlled group and such a differenc2 could have come due to the modern vocabulary teaching methods with which the Experimental 0rouP was favour~d. Having had the same b~ckground knowledge of strJtegies of voc1bulary learning at the beqinni~g. the differ~nce could be said due to nothing else, but t~c implementJtion of the modern ~ocabulary te~ching methodology which have armed the Experimental group with the needed strategies with which they can effectiv~ly t~ckle any problem of a vocabulary ~ncounter.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3951
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