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Authors: Girma, Tereffe
Advisors: Dr. Sinha,
Copyright: May-1983
Date Added: 24-Nov-2012
Abstract: The problem with which this research is concerned is that of determining the significance of visual aids for maximizing individualized instruction in the teaching of English for beginners as compared to the conventional instruction. Data was secured by selecting and organizing six experimental and control groups of grades 3 and 4 students in six elementary schools. A total of 720 students were selected using the systematic sampling technique. Lessons were selected from English for New Ethiopia series for grades 3 and 4 respectively. Pre-tests were prepared and administered from the selected lessons for both grade levels and administered. Appropriate visual aids were prepared for the lessons selected for the respective grades. The experimental groups received their instructions with supplementary visual aids in individualized instruction. The control groups received their instruction in the conventional way. After the instruction of the lessons, post-tests were administered to both grade levels of the experimental and control groups on the same date. The other two techniques used for collecting the data concerning visual aids and individualized instruction in connection with the teaching of English as a foreign language for beginners were d~stribution of questionnaire to teachers o C 0/0 0 0 and the observation of the experimental groups using the criteria of evaluationo From the t-test analysis of the data it was found that the experimental groups of both grade levels performed better than the control groups at a significant level of 005 in the post-testo The results of the questionnaire and observation show similar results. On the basis of the findings it was concluded that visual aids are effective and can be used to maximize individualized instruction in the teaching of English as a foreign language for beginners and the visual aids in the ENE series are not satisfactory to promote individual masteryo On the basis of this finding recommendations are made that further research and evaluation on other variables (syllabus, teacher training, text-book, visual aids) should be carried out to facilitate the application of the finding in this studyo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3949
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