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Authors: Teshane, Demisse
Copyright: Jun-1985
Date Added: 24-Nov-2012
Abstract: Teachers and non-teachers, language and non-languageteachers, native and non-native teachers of the target languagemaydiffer considerably in their evaluations of learners' errors. This study showssane contrasts in the reactions of four groups of judges: native and non-native speaker teachers of English, non-teaching native speakers of English and Ethiopians teaching Subjects other than English. Theyjudged the seriousness of sixty errors, mostly madeby Third Year students in the Institute of Language Studies at Addis AbabaUniversity. The three groups of teachers were more intolerant of errors than the non-teaching native speakers of English. The native speaker teachers of English were more lenient than the two non-native teachers (of English and other subjects), while the non-teaching native speakers were the most lenient. The two groups of native speakers (teaching and non-teaching) of English reacted to the errors moreuniformly than did the other two non-native speaker teachers (of English and other subjects). In spite of the contrasts. the groups tend t~ agree on the relative importance of the linguistic elements to sane extent. This agreementis relatively greatest betweenthe two language teaching groups (natives and non-natives). but that betweenthe native speaker teachers of English and the Ethiopian teachers of other subjects is the least. It is suggested that, perhaps, such differences are also observed when deciding on scales for final evaluations. whichmaycause disagreements, while settling cut-off points.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3944
Appears in:Thesis - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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