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Authors: Tesfaye, Abcra
Advisors: Dr.Baye Yimam
Copyright: Jun-1990
Date Added: 23-Nov-2012
Abstract: This Study eXRmines the Structure of Noun Phrase in ktstaninna in terms of the X-bar theory formulated by Jackendoff (1977) and recent developments. This approach is a recent theoretical innovation in the stage of grammar which falls within the general framework of Extended Standard Theory (EST) of generative grammar. This theory has emerged from the earlier model-i.e. Standard Theory. In this new version, an attempt was made to decrease the degree of abstractness, the power of transformation was decreased and the rewrite rules of the categorial component were constrained. Other theoretical developments such as the introduction of traces and the new con~eption of S-Structures, etc. appeared. Following Jackendoff (1977) the study assumes three levels of phrasal expansions for a head noun, where a noun is a lexical head. Accordingly, the following levels of nominals are recognized: N(NO), N', Nil and Nil'. } Jun is a major lexical cptegory which is found at N(NO) level and serves as a head of NPs. This category requires certain other maximal phrasal categories as its complement. The study shows that the NPs are the only complements of the derived nominals at N' level. Such complements are inseparably linked up with the lexical category. The complements in this minimal projection are functional arguments. v At the intermediate projection, the complements are genitive NPs (of source~ purpose, location, time), adjectival phrases, prepositional phrases ~nd relative clauses. All of them are referred to as restrictive modifiers. ~he maximal projection consists of non - restrictive modifiers as complements - i.e. appositives and some noun phrases. Regarding the Np specifiers, it is argued that these elements lack the potential for maximal projection. Specifier occur with a noun head in phrasal structure in order to limit the referential or quantitative scope of the head. They include articles and quantifiers. Articles are found under N'l' Whereas quantifiers are found under Nil'. In other words, they are generated at maximal and intermediAte levels, respectively.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3901
Appears in:Thesis - Linguistics

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