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Authors: Teshome, Yime r
Advisors: Dr e Baye YinaI
Copyright: Jun-1989
Date Added: 23-Nov-2012
Abstract: The ~ayss~ people, who arc estimated to be about 21,000 (Bender et al (eds), 1976:15) live in Gardulla district, Gatio Gofa ~1.dministrat ive Region.. They are d.istributed over four peasant associD.tions - Elgo, Wozaka, Damble and Zargulla, all located on the western side of Lake Chano o.ndthe eastern side of the Gardulla Dountainso Different scholars write Zaysse as Zaiss~, Zaise or Zayse, to refer to either the people or their languageo The Gidoles call the country ko:riy (sic) (Bender (ed), 1976:14-). The Languago , Zayss'e, like \hlayta and Garno, is an O~otic lanGuage belonging to the Oneto clusterso Though o.nintelligibility test has not been carried out so far, the infor~~tion go.thered froTIthe informants substantiates Bender's cLai r; (Bonder 1976: 14) t hat Zaysse is mutually intelligible with Zargullao
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3899
Appears in:Thesis - Linguistics

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