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Authors: Dereje, Bezabeh
Advisors: Dr. Kassahun Bezabeh
Copyright: May-2001
Date Added: 22-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: A comparative investigation of the interventions rendered by Mekane Yesus Day Care Center and Kokebe Tsebah Special Unit is the target of this study. To this end qualitative method, with instruments such as interview guide, and observation checklist, as well as document analysis is employed. The document analysis is used to analyse the general intervention activities, the interview guide is used to analyse the intervention activities on specific adaptive skill areas, and the observation checklist is used to compare the two " schools" based on the present level of functioning of the students of the two "schools" on adaptive skill areas such as self-care, communication, social skills, and functional academics. In comparing the functioning level of the students major variables such as sex, age, period of stay in the" schools" are perfectly controlled, while other variables are controlled to the extent possible. The study came up with the significance of the setting, that is where intervention for children with mental retardation should take place along with the quality of the intervention. The children in the integrated setting showed better functioning level on social skills and communication skills which are basic for every activity of life. The result gained on the two adaptive skill areas is attributed to the opportunities for social interaction in the integrated setting. While the children in the segregated setting showed better functioning level on self-care and functional academics. The result gained on the two adaptive skill areas is attributed to the availability of teaching aids and other facilities in the segregated setting, which could provide concrete and practical opportunities to practice these skills. The study also found out that the existence of parental participation in the intervention activities is very minimal even if it is desirable for effective outcome.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3886
Appears in:Thesis - Special Needs Education

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