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Advisors: Dr. Taddele Adamu
Copyright: Jun-1993
Date Added: 21-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to assess the developmental processes of the Amharic syllabus for the Teachers Training Institutes (T.T.I's). It is the purpose of this thesis to examine whether or not the Amharic syllabus is properly developed and processed on the basis of the Tyler Model. The thesis further fries to determine whether the concerned head officials of the Institute for Curriculum Development and Research, the Department of Teacher Education and the T.T.I's Amharic instructors r are well aiea re of or/ and have a clear knowledge of the Tyler Model. In connection with this, it attempts to clearly indicate whether there is any definite model that the concerned professionals adhere to when developing a curriculum or/ and a syllabus. To achieve these objectives, the necessary data were collected, ana~ysed tnd discussed. Initially, for a syllabus to be well planned, developed and prepared, many factors have to be considered. These include the involvement of experienced experts, the cooperation and devotion of the experts and the continuous effort of the concerned professionals in general. Taking this point into account, however, the results of the study have show~d that: 1. There is no definite model whatsoever throughout the educational system in general and for the designing of the T.T.I. Amharic syllabus in particular. 2. The Amharic syllabus for the T.T.I's is not properly planned and developed on the basis of the Tyler Model. There has not been any change O( improvement made on_the syllabus since was Originally prepared in 1974 3. Most of the Amharic instructors are not clear about the basic 'Y\oot principles of the Tyler Model. This doesAmean, however, that they do not have a theoretical knowledge of the model. The point is that they are not clear about the guiding principles of the model. On the basis of the findings, an attempt has been made to put forward releyant recommendations towards taking deliberate actions for the proper planning, developing and improvement of the Amharic syllabus for the T.T.I's so that there will be a possibility of producing effective primary teachers of enhancing the teaching-iearning process of the elementary education~
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3848
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