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Title: The Phonology of Mecha Oromo
Authors: Wako, Tola
Advisors: Dr. Taddese Beyene
Keywords: Phonology
Mecha Oromo
Copyright: Jun-1981
Date Added: 20-Nov-2012
Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to present a fuller analysis of the phonology of the Mecha dialect of Oromo. The paper has six sections. In the first section the relevant liter~ture is revied in brief. The second section treats the description of the phonemes, their allophones and the distributions of the phonemes. The third section deals with the phonotactics and syllabification. A frequency count of phonemes based on the Swaddesh Basic VocGbulary and on an original story in Oromo, k~amale:f ye:y:i: is also presented in this section. The fourth section deals with the major suprasegmental phenomena such as length, stress, pitch and terminal contours. Lexical pitch and stress are non-phonemic but grammatically significant. Morphophonemic processes involving assimilation of consonants, epenthesis, metathesis, deletion, vowel shortening and reduplication are dealt with in the fifth section. The concluding section presents a summary of the findings of the analysiB~
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3842
Appears in:Thesis - Linguistics

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