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Authors: Demmeke, Dessu
Advisors: Dr. G. Despatie
Copyright: Jun-1990
Date Added: 20-Nov-2012
Abstract: This study way designed to examine the effectiveness of oral preparation as compared with the incidental method of teaching the writing skill. Two groups of freshmen in the Departments of Chemistry and Statistics (Addis Ababa University) were randomly selected and taught Personal letter writing and Report writing techniques. The students in the former department were divided into smaller conversational units and did all the writing assignments in groups. The other group of freshman students carried out the tasks individually as practised in Freshman English courses. After each mode of writing had been practised for two weeks, 8 composition test was administered to the subjects in identical situations for both groups. The writing samples were then analysed and compared in terms of the mean -T-unit length index which is recognised as a valid measure of syntactic maturity. The results indicated that the learners in the study group were producing T-uhits which were consistently, but not markedly longer than those written by the members of the control group. The data further ahowed that the average mean T-unit length output of the freshman students whose writings were considered in this study was exteremly low by both native and ESL standards. In the literature, for example, the mean T-unit length produced by a typical fourth grade writer on a free writing task was reported as 11.3 words, while the score for the freshmen sampled in the present study was generally below 11 words per T-unit. Techniques of teaching which were established in research as the most effective procedures for enhancing the syntactic fluency of writers have been suggested as possible solutions.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3840
Appears in:Thesis - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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