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Advisors: Dr. Habtegiorgis Berhane
Copyright: May-2001
Date Added: 20-Nov-2012
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the altruistic motives of homereared, institutionalized and street children. The variations in altruistic motives because of the differences in sex, age, grade and religiosity are also treated. 216 subjects were randomly selected from the three types of residence. Equal numbers of male and female subjects were taken from each residence. The age of the subj ects range from 1O-15years and their educational level range from illiterates to 9th grade. Pro-social Motivation Questionnaire and Religiosity Scale were adopted for the purpose of this study. The pro-social Motivation Questionnaire has hedonism, self-orientation, conformity, task-orientation, other-orientation and empathy sub scales, which were applied to measure altruistic behavior. The religiosity scale has belief, ritual and knowledge dimensions, which were used to measure the involvement of an individual in a particular religion. Descriptive statistics, intercorrelation of variables, analysis of variance, stepwise regression and Scheffe's multiple comparison tests were applied to analyze the data. The findings of the study revealed that, home-reared children are more altruistic than institutionalized children, which in turn are more altruistic than street children. Females are more altruistic than males. In addition to this, the older and high-grade level children are more altruistic than the younger and low-grade level children. More over, the more religious children are more altruistic than children with low religiosity. Finally, awareness education to the parents, trainings to the caregivers of children's institutions and reunification of street children by concerned bodies are recommended to improve the altruistic behaviors of children.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3833
Appears in:Thesis - Educational Psychology

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