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Title: 1ln investigation 01 Behavioral problems in Secondary School Adolescents: Types, (ontributing factors and Schools Treatment practices
Authors: Fekadu Wat{jira, WaKjira
Advisors: Dr. Teka Zewidie
Copyright: Jun-2000
Date Added: 20-Nov-2012
Abstract: The present study tried to investigate the prevalence of behavioral problems in secondary schools. More specifically, the purpose of this study is to investigate -3the contributing factors for the existence of behavior problems and evaluate the treatment practices of the schools. Combined and separate contributing factors were investigated. 120 students and 40 teacher's were consulted through questionnaire and 2 counselor's and 2 directors were interviewed. Three types of rating scales were prepared to determine the existence of problems behaviors (externalizing and Internalizing), contributing factors and desirable treatments. The data was analyzed employing, chi-square test, t-test and correlation coefficients. The results of the statistical analysis revealed existence of externalizing behavior problems, the three contributing factors and undesirable treatment practices at (p< 0.05). Significant mean rating differences were also observed between the teachers and students on contributing factor. measures (i.e, home and school) and treatment measures. Steps are suggested to handle the problems. of adolescents in school, and preventive strategies were also recommended.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3825
Appears in:Thesis - Special Needs Education

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