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Authors: Getachew, Gezahegen
Advisors: Dr. Teshome Nekatibeb
Copyright: Jun-2001
Date Added: 20-Nov-2012
Abstract: Supervision was introduced into the Education System of Ethiopia during two historical periods in the past. The periods were1962/63 and the period 1994. Although, this arm of Education was expected to provide both monitoring and support giving services, its monitoring role was always found to be dominant. This research effort tries to find out how instructional supervision operates in a secondary school in Addis Ababa City Administration context. In order to be able to observe the internal dynamics of supervision a case study with a qualitative research design has been employed. The instrument used is guided interview targeting five homogeneous groups, who the researcher assumed to be agents of supervision. The data sources are:- 1. School Principals of four schools 2. Department heads of four schools 3. Teachers of four schools 4. Students of one school 5. Parents of one school The conclusions drawn from findings of the research pointed that with regard to school Environment: physical facilities, economic incentives and teacher involvement in decision making needed attention and a lot of improvement. With regard to supervision characteristics awareness problem of a critical nature was observed. What is actually practiced in the name of supervision was merely classroom observation for evaluation purpose. Factors, which were identified as corroborating to supervision, were teachers' attitude to supervision, training in supervision student motivation and parent teacher interaction.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3812
Appears in:Thesis - Curriculum & Instruction

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