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Advisors: Ato Ayalew Shebeshi,
Copyright: May-2001
Date Added: 19-Nov-2012
Abstract: This study was designed to examine the perception of teachers towards the purpose, criteria, process and the problems of performance appraisal of teachers encountered in secondary schools of Addis Ababa. To this end the major aim is to identify the weaknesses and come up with recommendations. A total of 225 teachers drawn from 12 senior secondary schools were used as data sources. The data were gathered by means of questionnaire and interview. Results were analyzed using percentage, means, chi-square test and t-test. The major findings of the study included that quite majority of the respondents support the performance appraisal scheme, but significant number of the respondents are dissatisfied with the implementation. And almost all respondents indicated that parents and students are not appropriate to appraise teachers. The lack of appropriate skill and experience, contribute to the limitations. Besides, teachers have not recognized the various purposes of performance appraisal and many of them are not applied. The criteria used by appraisers (students, parents) are not known. Teachers do not know the criteria they are evaluated with. There is no transparency in appraising teachers. The result of the performance appraisal is kept secret. I t is not communicated to teachers. Problems encountered in the implementation of performance appraisal scheme for teachers were identified. The objectives that teachers are expected to achieve are unclear, poor operation of the scheme, lack of skills and competence of appraisers and irrelevant criteria. Hence according to the fmdings of the study, it was recommended that the necessary steps should be taken by the concerned authority at all level in order to revitalize the current practice of the performance appraisal of secondary school teachers. To this effect, irrelevant criteria should be avoided. Criteria should also be flexible and situational. Furthermore, appraisal system should be an integral part of staff development work in schools, it should be both positive and constructive. In this regard the formative evaluation should be well strengthened and systematically applied in schools. In addition to this, peer observation and school in-built supervision need to be introduced so that teachers develop their professional skills providing feedback to each other and assist them in improving pupils' performance. Even though, most of the potential errors in appraisals that distort evaluation can be minimized through training; the impact and the consequence of involving parents and students in the appraisal system need in-depth study.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3803
Appears in:Thesis - Educational Planning & Management

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