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Copyright: May-2011
Date Added: 16-Nov-2012
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Abstract: Security is a primary agenda of any state. The same is very true of Ethiopia and Kenya both of which have under gone several security related factors affecting their bilateral relations. Apart from pastoral communities located in and around their common border area competing over natural resources, there are several other factors that affect their relations. The objective of this research is to unravel the security factors affecting Ethio-Kenyan relations. Methods used for this research include consultation of available secondary materials on the issue and interview with resource persons in relevant institutions. Hence, to compile this research I used both primary and secondary data. In the border areas of Ethiopia and Kenya, conflict between and among pastoralist communities, competition over water and pasture lands around the border, cattle rustling, contraband trade, the movement of OLF around the border in both countries, the influx of Ethiopian refugees in to Kenya are the major sources of insecurity in the two countries bilateral relations. Relations of the two countries on the other hand are smooth and based on non-interference in the internal matters of the other. The research concludes that Ethiopia and Kenya, having palpable security threat from the failed state of Somalia, used dual strategy for their common security issue from neighbor Somalia. They hold common position in the peace process of Somalia and Sudan, and protecting their border from infiltration by various armed groups. Despite the common efforts of the two countries, to solve conflict between and among their pastoralist communities, analysis of the research findings show that serious confrontation continue
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3788
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