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Title: Lexicographic Standards of Selected Multilingual Dictionaries
Advisors: Getahun Amare
Copyright: Jun-2011
Date Added: 16-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: As it is well known the continent of Africa is endowed with its stately splendor- of multilingualism- which, beyond a shadow of doubt, interests scholars worldwide. Likewise, Ethiopia, as a sub-Saharan African country, shares such a feature and potentially has the power to attract the attentions of domestic and expatriate researchers who have the ambitions to investigate such an asset. The long standing writing tradition of the country, via the media of national and international languages, thus, is self-evident. Accordingly, many studies had been undertaken until the present; nevertheless the activity can be persistent. As for this research, the grand objective of it is to evaluate the standards of selected multilingual dictionaries (English- Oromo-Amharic) from the perspective of lexicography. As this would be a dictionary-research, the contents of these publications are thoroughly described, analyzed and criticized to reach on the findings which enable us to unmask these products based on the lexicographic scales- of the maximal standards expected in the light of the art and craft of dictionary-making. Basically, then, it is of qualitative research type. Due to the difficulty and unmanageability of dealing with every aspect of the dictionaries-as the dictum calls the compilation of such works drudgeryrepresentative samples are taken purposively for the optimal results in order to accomplish the study successfully. As a stepping stone, the review of related literature section in this study is used as a frame of reference upon which deep insights into lexicographic principles can be applied for the investigation of the dictionaries liable to criticisms in this case. This study, therefore, reveals that the dictionaries are a nuisance to users and cluttered as far as the quest for up-to-the standard reference is the concern. Their inadequacies stem: first from the lack of appropriate guides in their front matters, second, from the incorrect/non equivalent meanings/translations in their entries, at large, and third, from the inconsistent or inaccurate ordering of the linguistic information in their entries. Undeniably, though, the extent to which these dictionaries are exposed to severe criticism varies and hence they cannot be generally held
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3775
Appears in:Thesis - Linguistics

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