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Advisors: Dr. Merera Gudina,
Copyright: Nov-2007
Date Added: 14-Nov-2012
Abstract: This study is about the problem of the Oromo national Question and its implications for inter-state relations in the Horn. From the time of its emergence (1960s) and transformation into national self-determination (1970s) onwards, though there have been changes of different Ethiopian regimes with various political discourses, the Oromo national question has not yet been given proper attention and consequently remained unabated. The regimes have been using the military approach rather than opting constructive solutions for it. Ever since in general and currently in particular, however, the Oromo struggle for national self-determination has been going on - even growing much deeper, wider and stronger. This has remained one of the main sources of the political crisis not only in Ethiopia but also in the Horn region adversely affecting the country's relations with its immediate neighboring states. The main objective of this study is, therefore, to examine the implications of the Oromo struggle for the Ethiopian relations with the neighbors and the overall region as a whole. To achieve this objective, descriptive method is used to analyze qualitative data gathered from secondary sources, The results of the analysis seem to suggest '1 'h had negative impact on the rhgt thQf~i1urgto gOIVg thg Drama natlOna questIOn as, ven could entally contnbuted, and e . . . eighbors and fundam d instability in Ethiopian relations with Its n d worsening of regional peace an . d to the prevalence an contInUe to 0 so, the Horn. . roper attention 1 ded that without paYIngp f . . n be cone u . 1 stion 0 On the basis of the findmgs, It ca . the currently acute natlOna que . d amicably and genuinely addressmg uld not have cooperative relatIons to an . . Ethiopia the country co bTty Finally, to this single largest natlOn in d l' d the Horn to peace and sta I I. . ful . hbors an ea h ld be meamng with its immediate neig ended that there s ou . . bring this into effect, it is strongly recom: ople as a nation can get a good polItIcal . io ia so that the Oromo P democracy in Eth p . f te by themselves. . t to decide theu future a envuonmen
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3762
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