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Title: Factors Which Influence Teaching Effectiveness: A Comparative Analysis of Male and Female Teachers. in Elementary Schools.
Advisors: Dr. Habtamu Wondimu,
Copyright: Jun-1993
Date Added: 13-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The purpose of the study was two-fold. First an effort was made to see if there is a difference between the teaching effectiveness of male and female teachers. Second the study attempted to determine if the teaching effectiveness of teachers is independent of their ESLCEGPA, TTICGPA, teaching experience (years) and attitudes. Directors' (efficiency results) and students' ratings scores were used as validation criteria in assessing teachers' effectiveness in teaching. Samples of the study consisted 14-+teachers and 2258 students taken from 34 elementary schools in the former Addis Ababa and Showa Administrative Regions. The relative contribu tion of each of the independent variables was analyzed using the Step-wise regression model. Results of the analysis indicated that male teachers have significantly higher efficiency scores than female teachers. That i:;. male teachers were found to be more effective than their counterparts. On the other hand, analysis concerning the effects of the independent variables indicated that teachers' achievement at TrI (TrICGPA) is a strong predictor of teaching effectiveness in all cases (male teachers, female teachers and all teachers). In both measures, ESLCEGPA was found to affect the effectiveness of male teachers but with a negative weight. On the contrary, teaching experience was found to affect female teachers' efficiency scores in a positive direction. In general, a significant proportion of variances in the male teachers' teaching effectiveness were contributed by TTfCGPA and ESLCEGPA, where as a significant proportion of variances in the female teachers' teaching effectiveness were contributed by TrICG PA and teaching experience.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3745
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