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Title: Aspects of Decentralization Practices in Sidama Zone of the SNNP Regional State: A focus on Dale and Bensa Weredas.
Advisors: Dr Tegegne G/ Egziabher
Copyright: May-2000
Date Added: 7-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Since J 992, Ethiopia has embarked on extensive decentralization and regions have been given extensive decision making power and responsibilities in administering their respective regions. However, if we understand decentralization as making governance closer to people and strengthening locall wereda government little is done at wereda level. The situation in Sidama zone indicates that local government officials have no clear idea us to what belongs to the wereda and what belongs to the higher level. The weredas have Little or no autonomy to plan and make decisions and no sources of revenue, which could be used, for local development activities. Moreover, they are highly dependent on zone for recurrent budget and the capital budget does not flow to wereda level. Regarding service delivery, although considerable expansion is witnessed, due to lack of standard and quality problems most of the health posts and health centers could not be used for intended purpose. Moreover, little attention was given to recurrent cost of the institutions and manpower requirements. Therefore, to make decentralization meaningful, wereda government should be empowered to raise some financial resources, which could be used for local development. The capital budget should reach to wereda level and wereda should be empowered to prepare plans and impLement some projects according its capacity. Moreover, to avoid confusions and ambiguity, powers and functions of each tiers of government should be clearly specified and listed. Added to this in order to avoid wastage of resources local level development efforts should be coordinated by responsible government organ and the public sector should monitor and support the activities of other stake holders at local level.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3737
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