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Title: A Computer-Based Information Support System For Energy Resources Development in Tanzania
Advisors: Dr. G. G. Chowdhury,
Dr. Taye Tadesse,
Copyright: Jun-1995
Date Added: 7-Nov-2012
Abstract: Energy is a critical input into any country's development process. It is a prer for the proper functioning of almost all sectors of the economy, and a resource , continuous supply of which human society cannot survive well. Therefore, elaborate and strategies need to be organized to develop sufficient energy supplies. On the hand, working out successful planning and strategies is knowledge based and require tir and sufficient information. This study set out to investigate the information support services available institutions related to energy resources development in Tanzania. Among the things whi the study investigated include: the information flow pattern, information resource sharing application of information Technology, the kind of services offered by information centres and how the people engaged in energy development planning and decision making are benefited by these information centres. Results of the survey conducted among six information centres indicate that the performance of information services supporting energy development in the country is weak. This dismal performance originates from among other things the ineffective information flow pattern, lack of coordination of information centres related to energy development, inadequacies in data collection, processing and dissemination, especially at the Energy Development Unit, low level of application of Information Technology (IT) in handling and dissemination of information, inadequacy in trained information personnel, and absence of computer -based services. In order to overcome the shortcomings mentioned above this study proposes the establishment of a Computer-Based Information Support System for Energy Resources Development in Tanzania (CBISSERD), which would work on a LAN established at the Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals. Two types of prototype databases have been developed. The first one is an integrated database called 'JORAM' which consists of Bibliographic Records, Profiles of Experts, Profiles of Projects, Profiles of Institutions and Profiles of Information Systems. The second type is a set of specialized databases named v TASEC, ENERT and ENT AB. These prototype databases are expected to be a source of valuable information to help the process of energy development in Tanzania. Among the recommendations made following this study, inc1ude_:the immediate establishment of the National Information Policy on Information Systems and Services, the establishment of a National Information System to coordinate information institutions, for the government to give reasonable attention to information as an important resource for development, and improvement of IT application in the information sector in Tanzania. These suggestions are expected to improve the information systems' capacity in supporting energy resources development in Tanzania. vi
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3725
Appears in:Thesis - Information Science

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