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Advisors: Dr. Tirussew Teferra
Copyright: Jun-2000
Date Added: 7-Nov-2012
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the crucial problems encountered by those special education teachers teaching in special schools and special units with and without having special education teachers' training or regular classroom teachers' training. Due to this, out of 333 special education teachers teaching in special schools and units in tile country the expected teachers as respondent for this study were around 71 in the six sample schools. But only 60 teachers were used as respondents for this study from the nearby regions and from Addis Ababa administrative govemment city. Out of these 60 respondent, it was however, 53 of them who gave back their responses accordingly on time. Instruments used to conduct this study were closed and open ended questionnaires with 37 items, structured interview with 11 items and focus group discussion with five items which can generate more ideas from the respondent were prepared in Amharic. Special education teachers have many problems. One of these problems was, that teachers were not getting updating and upgrading training in the field of special VII education. The other problem was that they are alienated by the regular classroom teachers in the school campuses where the special units were opened. These and related other problems seem to give rise to frustration in the job and lack of the necessary morale to teach those children with disabilities and special needs properly. For special educators, special education is a process of helping students with special learning needs. To do this teachers must be trained and upgraded in education as well in status and salary. For the effectiveness of teaching in special schools or units, teachers must be supported so that they may have higher morale and are, therefore, be willing to stay on their job.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3724
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