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Advisors: Dr. H.B. Hicks
Copyright: Jun-1992
Date Added: 7-Nov-2012
Abstract: This present study was primarily undertaken to investigate the feedback behaviour of Grade Eleven English teachers. It is specifically made to find out how much of the class time is spent on the provision of feedback, what types of feedback Grade Eleven English teachers use and to see there exists a regular pattern in the reactions. of teachers. Eight experienced English teachers were .elected fro& the twenty-four government highschools in Addis Ababa. A system of analysis which identifies forty-three elements of 10si tive" Negative and Miscellaneous Feedback was developed. The study has shown that teachers on average spend Z9.2% of the class_time on the provision of feedback. The research has also identified 539 occurrences of Positive Feedback and 336 of Negative Feedback. The most frequently used types of Positive Feedback were Slmp1e Praise Confu.ation and Positive Repetition. However, teachers showed much agreement between themselves in the use of Positive Explanation and Several Answers Solicitation without Clues. Among the various types of Negative Feedback teachers ~os~ frequently used Interruption, Simple Reproof Denial and Loop; and they showed much agreement in the vae of Bepetlt1Dn with no chen.ge. The success ratio computed for some of the eost frequently used types of Negative Feedback showed that the use of categories like Question 3, Clues, prompt and explanation bears success in eliciting correct responses. Based on the findings of the study it is emphaticall.y recommended that teachers need to reflect on their behaviour .in order to promote imptri)Vementon their current practices.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3704
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