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Title: Teacher's Attitude Towards The Inclusion of Children With Disabilities Into Regular Schools: The Case of Some Schools in Addis Ababa
Authors: Abate, Lakew
Advisors: Dr. Tirussew Teferra
Copyright: May-2001
Date Added: 6-Nov-2012
Abstract: Teachers' attitude towards the inclusion of children with disabilities into regular schools is recognized as crucial for its successful implementation. So, it was necessary to study on teachers' views regarding inclusive education since their commitment to the process of inclusive education critically influences it's practice. The purpose of the study was two-fold. First an effort was made to see if there is difference or similarity in attitude between Regular and Special School Teachers towards the inclusion of children with disabilities (visual problem, hearing problem and mental retardation) into regular schools. Second, the study attempted to determine whether or not there is relationship between teachers' sex, age, qualification, special education training, teaching experience, qualification and attitude towards inclusion. Samples of the study consisted of 127 teachers taken from 6 primary schools (3 regular schools and 3 special schools). All sample schools are found in Addis Ababa except one special school, which is found at Sebeta. The instruments used to collect the data were questionnaire, interview and focus-group discussion. To analyze the obtained data, descriptive statistics such as means, standard deviations and percentages of variables were used extensively. A t-test was made to see whether or not there is a significant relationship between teachers' variables and attitude. Results of the analysis indicated that special school teachers have significantly higher attitude scores than regular school teachers. That is, special school teachers were found to be more favorable towards inclusive education than their counterparts.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3664
Appears in:Thesis - Educational Psychology

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